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Nicaragua Adventure

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    Managua Nicaragua Tours

    Day 1


    Whether you wish to be greeted at the airport by one of our agents, or picked up at the Costa Rican Border, with Welcome to Nicaragua you are in safe hands from the moment you arrive. On arrival at one of our many three-star hotels, you will be supplied with all the info you need for the duration of your stay, as well as details of the exciting adventures that lay ahead of you. And if your flight lands early, you can begin the adventure right away with a city tour of our capital!

    Day 2


    The cultural discovery begins right away with a transfer to the charming city of Estelí. You will be greeted by our local guide who will take you to visit The Cathedral of “Nuestra Señora Del Rosario” or White Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in Nicaragua. Marvel at the neoclassical style of this holy place before moving on to the cigar factory. Estelí is world-renowned for it’s high quality cigars and snuff, which are sold throughout the United States and Europe. Even if you don’t partake in smoking a visit to the snuff plantations is a must during your time in the city. On this Discover Nicaragua tour you’ll get to observe the entire manufacturing process as men and women convert humble tobacco leaves into a much-coveted Nicaraguan product.

    Estelí Nicaragua
    Finca Neblina del Bosque

    Day 3


    The Miraflor Natural Reserve is just off the beaten path, high in the mountains and surrounded by un-spoilt nature. Whether you wish to walk through the cloud forest, visit the nearby organic coffee farms, go horseback riding or simply relax in a hammock and take in the beautiful panorama that surrounds you, this reserve truly is a little slice of paradise. You can avail of a range of tours, from birds to orchids and all the rich biodiversity in between. There’s more to it than just flora and fauna however, Finca Neblina Del Bosque is also well known for it’s warm and welcoming Nicaraguan hospitality.

    Day 4


    The adventure through nature continues with a visit to the Selva Negra Nature Reserve, also known as “The Black Forest”. This 300-acre reserve of cloud forest is home to a vast array of trees, plants and animals, the kind of unique wildlife that we often only see in nature documentaries. Howler monkeys, strangler fig trees, blue morpho butteries, kingfishers and hummingbirds are just some the hundreds of species that exist in this dense tropical wonderland. Why have the Discovery Channel when you have the Nicaragua Adventure package to take you there for real!

    Selva Negra honeymoon
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    Matagal Nicaragua tours

    Day 5


    How you choose to explore Selva Negra is up to you. The more adventurous among us might like to hike or ride on horseback through the forest, while the nature-lovers may choose to go bird watching or on a daytime or nighttime tour of the thick tropical forest (many of the animals are nocturnal!). There even is a fantastic option for coffee connoisseurs, with a tour of the coffee museum and famous coffee plantations. Whichever way you choose, make sure you soak up every second of this unique opportunity to discover the tropical paradise underneath the canopy.

    Day 6


    It’s not everyday you get to get to visit an active volcano and watch the molten lava bubble and flow, but that’s the true meaning of adventure! The Masaya Volcano National Park consists of two volcanoes and five craters, and is conveniently located on the journey from León to Granada. Marvel at one of nature’s most violent and awe-inspiring creations, and find out why Spanish conquerors christened this volcano “The Mouth of Hell”. The volcano and its surroundings is a place of drama and unique natural beauty. Centuries of eruptions have created a rough yet peaceful landscape, inhabited by a wide variety of flora and fauna. You can expect to meet coyotes, raccoons, deer, iguanas, and monkeys on your travels, to name a few.

    Masaya Volcano night tour
    Granada Nicaragua Tours

    Day 7


    Frequently referred to as the most stunning site in Nicaragua, the Apoyo Lagoon is a nature reserve like none you’ve seen before. This enchanting freshwater lagoon is situated in the crater of a dormant volcano, encircled by trees, foliage and animals. The glistening deep-blue water is clear and temperate, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing and refreshing swim, yet it’s big enough to allow for water sports without damaging the natural habitat. Hiking in the area is highly recommended as you’re likely encounter some of the local wildlife, such as howler monkeys, toucans, flycatchers, marmots, colorful butterflies, reptiles and more, which are live in safety thanks to their protected status. After your day of adventure around the lagoon you will return to Granada to enjoy a nice evening meal.

    Day 8

    San Juan

    A paradise for sunbathers and surfers alike, the Pacific fishing village of San Juan del Sur is one of Nicaragua’ hidden gems. On Day Eight of the Nicaragua Adventure package you will be taken to see the colossal statue known as “The Christ of the Mercy”, an enormous statue of Jesus Christ which towers over the village at 134 meters high. Afterward, relax and enjoy the beach, whether you catch some waves or catch some rays! When the sun sets, that’s when San Juan del Sur really comes alive, as the many beachfront bars and nightclubs open their doors to surfers and locals. It’s a great occasion to enjoy the best of Nicaraguan beachside nightlife.

    San Juan Del Sur hotel
    San Juan Del Sur Beach destination

    Day 9


    Departure day // Extensions to the package. Transfer out according to your flight schedule or any other request

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