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    Duration: 15 days / 14 nights
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    From tranquil lakes and tropical islands, to smoking volcanoes and vibrant cities, the Discover Nicaragua package allows you to experience everything that this great country has to offer in a 15-day dream vacation.




    Nicaragua Colonial TransferWhether you wish to be greeted at the airport by one of our agents, or picked up at the Costa Rican Border, with Welcome to Nicaragua you are in safe hands from the moment you arrive. On arrival at one of our many three-star hotels, you will be supplied with all the info you need for the duration of your stay, as well as details of the exciting adventures that lay ahead of you. And if your flight lands early, you can begin the adventure right away with a city tour of our capital!



    Estelí NicaraguaThe cultural discovery begins right away with a transfer to the charming city of Estelí. You will be greeted by our local guide who will take you to visit The Cathedral of “Nuestra Señora Del Rosario” or White Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in Nicaragua. Marvel at the neoclassical style of this holy place before moving on to the cigar factory. Estelí is world-renowned for it’s high quality cigars and snuff, which are sold throughout the United States and Europe. Even if you don’t partake in smoking a visit to the snuff plantations is a must during your time in the city. On this Discover Nicaragua tour you’ll get to observe the entire manufacturing process as men and women convert humble tobacco leaves into a much-coveted Nicaraguan product.


    Finca Neblina Del Bosque, Estelí

    Finca Neblina Del Bosque MatagalpaOn day three, things switch from culture to adventure in Esteli. A private transfer will take you to Miraflor Natural Reserve, a stunning nature reserve located high in the mountains where you can expect to find lush forests, wildlife and spectacular waterfalls. Agriculture lives in harmony with Mother Earth up here, and this can be seen no more clearly that at the organic coffee farms run by locals. We offer tours of these farms, as well as a variety of other guided tours detailing the rich biodiversity of the forest and it’s unique flora and fauna. If none of that takes your fancy however, you can simply relax in a hammock and take in the beautiful panorama or thick green leaves against a bright blue sky.


    Selva Negra, Matagalpa

    Selva Negra MatagalpaNicaragua is home to so much un-spoilt natural beauty, which is why day four sees your travel from one nature reserve to another. The Selva Negra Nature Reserve, also known as “The Black Forest” is a 300-acre reserve of cloud forest home to a vast array of trees, plants and animals, the type of unique wildlife that we often only see in nature documentaries. Howler monkeys, strangler fig trees, blue morpho butteries, kingfishers and hummingbirds are just some the hundreds of species that exist in this dense tropical wonderland.


    Selva Negra, Matagalpa

    Selva Negra Matagalpa Nicaragua ToursHow you choose to explore Selva Negra is up to you. The more adventurous among us might like to hike or horseback ride through the forest, while the nature-lovers may choose to go bird watching or on a daytime or nighttime tour of the thick tropical forest (many of the animals are nocturnal!). There even a fantastic option for coffee connoisseurs, with a tour of the coffee museum and famous coffee plantations. Whichever way you choose, make sure you soak up every second of this unique opportunity to discover the tropical paradise underneath the canopy.



    Cathedral Basilica Assumption LeonOn Day Six we leave the greenery behind and head to the colonial city of León, a city of volcanoes, warms beaches and so much character. Immerse yourself in the cultural aspects of the city first, with a day City Tour that explores it’s churches, most significant museums as well as the historical monuments of the León world heritage site. León is a buzzing place with great energy that strikes a perfect balance between culture and history and an über cosmopolitan vibe.



    Volcano Boarding Cerro NegroThe Discover Nicaragua package encompasses culture, nature and adventure, everything that Nicaragua is famous for! León offers adventure like no other city. If you’ve ever put “volcano boarding” on your bucket list then now is the time to tick it off! And Cerro Negro is the place. If that’s not quite your thing don’t worry, Peñitas Beach is a beautiful Pacific fishing village that makes the perfect place to relax your day away. Here you’ll see local fishermen going about their daily life on pristine sandy beaches. You can also visit the Juan Venado Nature Reserve and (depending on the time of year) might be lucky enough to see baby turtles emerging from the turtle hatchery!



    Masaya Volcano Eruption NicaraguaIt’s not everyday you get to get to visit an active volcano and watch the molten lava bubble and flow, but on Day Eight of our Discover Nicaragua tour that’s exactly what you’ll do! The Masaya Volcano National Park consists of two volcanoes and five craters, and is conveniently located on the journey from León to Granada. Marvel at one of nature’s most violent and awe-inspiring creations, and find out why Spanish conquerors christened this volcano “The Mouth of Hell”. The volcano and its surroundings is a place of drama and unique natural beauty. Centuries of eruptions have created a rough yet peaceful landscape, inhabited by a wide variety of flora and fauna. You can expect to meet coyotes, raccoons, deer, iguanas, and monkeys along your travels, to name a few.

    After Masaya Volcano it’s time to visit the Market of Masaya, famous for its handicrafts, foodstuffs and pottery. This market is a one-stop shop for souvenirs and crafts that will remind your wonderful adventures in Nicaragua long after your trip is over. Items in the market are very competitively priced, as the restaurants inside the main market. Be sure to try some of the great local cuisine while you’re here!



    Granada Colonial City TourFrom one volcano to another! Mombacho Volcano is the most famous volcano is Nicaragua, due to the mystical cloud forest that surrounds the area and the fact it is located just 10km from the city of Granada. It’s easily accessible by road, and most tourists will tell you that the journey to the top is as amazing as the volcano itself. A single lane, which passes through coffee plantations and cloud forest, makes for an unforgettable experience. And that’s before you reach the breathtaking views from above! Once you reach the 1,344 meter summit the winds will have increased and the temperature will have dropped, so don’t forget to bring an extra sweater! As the volcano hasn’t erupted since 1570 you can hike to the top of the crater, and both English and Spanish speaking guides are available to take you there.

    On decent from the volcano you will begin exploring the city of Granada in the most magical way possible: on a horse and carriage! This City Tour with a different will take you to the must-see places in colonial Granada, such as the Cathedral, La Merced Church, the old train station and more. And what better way to end such an idyllic day than a boat ride?! As the sun sets you will explore the Granada Islets, an archipelago formed thousands of years ago by the Mombacho volcano. An evening sky full of colour makes for the perfect backdrop to appreciate these beautiful tiny islands and take some wonderful photos.


    Apoyo Lagoon

    Apoyo Lagoon NicaraguaFrequently referred to as the most stunning site in Nicaragua, the Apoyo Lagoon is a nature reserve like none you’ve seen before. This enchanting freshwater lagoon is situated in the crater of a dormant volcano, encircled by trees, foliage and animals. The glistening deep-blue water is clear and temperate, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing and refreshing swim, yet it’s big enough to allow for water sports without damaging the natural habitat. Be sure to check out some of the restaurants in the vicinity while you’re there, and enjoy a nice cold beer!


    Ometepe Island

    Ometepe Island NicaraguaLake Nicaragua is often referred to as a “freshwater sea” due to its sheer size. At its center, two volcanoes rise dramatically from the water, and are joined together to form Ometepe Island. As the ferry approaches you will already begin to notice the lush landscape and rich greenery that covers the island. Once you reach the dock you will be greeted by our guide and taken to the spring waters of Ojo de Agua. The presence of volcanic rock means the water contains a number of beneficial minerals, making it the perfect place for a healthy and relaxing swim.


    Ometepe Island

    Ometepe Island Volcanoes SunsetOmetepe never fails to impress. The diversity of the island itself and the activities available mean that there’s something for everyone on these volcanic twin peaks. Crystalline freshwater pools, beautiful beaches, rainforests, nature reserves, an abundance of wildlife, waterfalls and archaeological sites are just some of the attractions of Ometepe, while activities range from hiking, kayaking and horse-riding to fishing, zip-lining and cultural excursions.


    La Flor Natural Reserve, El Coco Beach

    La Flor Natural Reserve, El Coco BeachLa Flor Natural Reserve is a very special place. Every year from July to January thousands of Olive Ridley turtles come to lay their eggs on the sands of El Coco Beach. It’s hard to predict exactly when the turtles will arrive or when their eggs will hatch, but those lucky enough to witness the occasion will agree it’s a once in a lifetime experience. If you don’t manage to spot any turtles there is still plenty to keep you entertained on this Pacific paradise. Hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, bird watching, surfing and fishing are just some of the activities available in this place of unrivalled natural beauty.


    San Juan Del Sur

    San Juan Del Sur Beach destinationA paradise for sunbathers and surfers alike, the Pacific fishing village of San Juan del Sur is one of Nicaragua’ hidden gems. Tourists are spoilt for choice with ways to fill their day. Surfing lessons, sailing, horseback riding, canopy tours and yoga come highly recommended, or you might decide to just catch some rays and chill out on the beach. When the sun sets, that’s when San Juan del Sur really comes alive, as the many beachfront bars and nightclubs open their doors to surfers and locals. Why not dance the night away and toast to make every holiday as unforgettable as this one!


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    • Private transfers Airport Hotel Airport and your entire trip.
    • Personal assistance from the moment of your arrival.
    • A travel kit including all the documents, vouchers and information required for the trip.
    • 14 night accommodation in 3 & 4 stars hotels. **Neblina del Bosque in Estelí is an EcoHotel**
    • Breakfast for 15 days.
    • City tour in Estelí­. Day 2
    • Visit the cigar factory. Day 2
    • City Tour in León. Day 6
    • Optional day of activities in Las Peñitas beach. Day 7
    • Visit Masaya Volcano National Park. Day 8
    • Visit the Market of Masaya. Day 8
    • Visit the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve. Day 9
    • City Tour in Granada. Day9
    • Sunset tour at Isletas of Granada. Day 9
    • Visit the Natural Reserve Ojo de Agua. Day 11

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