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    Masaya Volcano at night tour



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    Duration: 3 hours
    Min Pax : 2


    Shortly before sunset head over to the volcano where you will hopefully get a chance to see the green “Chocoyos" (Parakeets) returning to their nests inside the crater.


    Masaya Volcano at night tour – Shortly before sunset head over to the volcano where you will hopefully get a chance to see the green “Chocoyos” (Parakeets) returning to their nests inside the crater.

    The Masaya Volcano National Park, comprises an area of 54 km and includes two volcanoes and five craters. The volcanoes have erupted several times in history, and were feared by both the indigenous people and the Spanish conquerors. The Spanish baptized the active volcano “La Boca Del Infierno or “The Mouth of Hell”. They planted a cross, “La Cruz de Bobadilla” (named after Father Francisco Bobadilla), on the crater lip in the 16th century in order to exorcise the Devil. The eruptions have had a dramatic impact on the surroundings. Rocks and volcanic ashes still cover the area surrounding the volcanoes. The nature is rough yet peaceful. Different types of vegetation appeared after the eruptions. The park is also inhabited by many different kinds of animals. The park wildlife includes coyotes, skunks, raccoons, opossums, deer, iguanas, and monkeys.

    We are going visit the‚ viewpoint for no more than 20 minutes, because the risk of any explosion and the gases of the volcano, which will allow you to look inside the crater mouth, and observe the lava activity from a recent crater formed.

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    Welcome to Nicaragua
    We organised a night tour to the volcano with Pablo over WhatsApp which was really easy. The price was really competitive compared to others we saw once we arrived in Granada. Our tour guide Gino met us at our hotel and was really friendly and spoke amazing English. We drove to the national park during the drive Gino was really informative and telling us all about the history of Nicaragua and pointing interesting landmarks out. When we got to the national park we walked through with Gino whilst it was still light and he showed us the lava flow from the last eruption and told us about the flora and fauna. He is so knowledgable. Our driver caught up with us when the gates opened and drove to the crater where we had an amazing view and could see the magma bubbling away. You get about 20 minutes at the crater before the park wardens blow the whistle and its time to leave! We then headed back to our hotel in Granada.
    All in all a great tour, good price, and no waiting around as Gino filled the time with walking and talking more. Can’t recommend enough!

    Emily S
    Masaya Volcano Tour

    5 / 5

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    • Transportation.
    • Entrance to the Masaya National Park.
    • Guide.

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