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Big wave surfing – Nicaragua: Sun, sand and SURF

Hotel Arenas Beach Corn Island

Big wave surfing – Nicaragua: Sun, sand and SURFFF
Nicaragua till lately had a secret which now is being known by the whole world, can you guess what is it? Yeah, you right: the beaches for surfing.
Nicaragua owns more than 90 beaches on the pacific coast where practicing surfing is possible the entire year, besides the waters have all the type of waves you have ever imagined. Here no matter if you are an apprentice or expert, here what matters is that you are going to be one with waves. Good highways allow the easy access to the beaches; in addition Nicaragua is the safest nation in Central America.
Approximately there are 35 millions of surfers around the world and part of them are coming in mass to Nicaragua due to its warm waters and greats waves recently discovered by fans surfing.
The beaches of Nicaragua are in the ranking within “the surfing beaches top 10” and some experts rank Nicaragua as one of the best 5 places with beaches for this sport together Hawaii, islands of Indonesia, Peru and Chile.
Nicaragua has organized international surfing championships, being the most important at Santa Ana beach in Tola, Rivas by the ISA. (International Surf Association)
Here we offer you a good “top 5” list of the best beaches in the country. This top 5 is based in consistency of waves, wave quality, crowds in beaches, hazards and barrels.

In position #5
Colorado beach (It’s a powerful beach where enjoying barreled waves is the rule)

Position #4
Playgrounds(this site is a place that a broad range of people can enjoy)

Position #3
Astillero beach (It’s known thanks to its hollow waves and lack of crowds)

Position #2
Aschunchillo (the waves are fun and rippable)

Position #1
Hermosa beach (one of the best kept secrets of san Juan del sur)

At the west of Nicaragua also you will find cool beaches but the right place to stay is in the surfing turtle Leon, a colonial building in Leon city very close the cathedral of Leon, from it you can go to the beaches.
You can see that in Nicaragua we count with a broad list of beaches to go and visit them, either you think to get here with friends or family. Keep on mind these beaches as destination for your next holidays; we are going to be glad to take you till them.