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About Welcome to Nicaragua

Located in the beautiful city of Granada (60 Meters South of the Old Hospital of Granada, Calle Elena Arellano, Granada, Nicaragua); Welcome to Nicaragua specialize in the organization and management of city tours, cultural tours and ecological excursions to volcanoes, rain forests, jungles, beaches, valleys and national parks. Our staff is trained and ready to assist in any of your requests: groups, hotels, tours, packages or circuits, honey moons, surf camps, private transportation, shuttles, gastronomy and any other service in Central America. Special assistance offered to speakers of foreign languages visiting the country.

Our client’s safety

Our client’s safety is one of our main concerns, so we strive to guarantee it. When traveling to Nicaragua you are traveling safest country in central america and the second in Latin America.

As a company, we are covered with the most comprehensive insurance policies available in the country and request each one of our suppliers to maintain insurance policies as well.

Strategic alliances & Recognition

We have partners and strategic alliances around Central America to offer a varied service and make the logistics of coming to Nicaragua is a magical and unforgettable experience.

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